Where are your offices located?2020-04-14T22:13:15-07:00

We have 5 offices worldwide. 4 in Italy and one in Vancouver, Canada. From the Italian offices, we serve European-based companies. These are usually mid to large companies operating in international markets, including North America (the US and Canada) and Middle-East Asia. For example, from our Italian offices, we manage the global digital investment for Armani, from Japan to Canada.

While the Vancouver office follows both North American companies, as well as European companies with an active presence in either Canada or the US.

Why is your main team of specialists based in Italy? What’s special about it?2020-04-14T22:57:48-07:00

Quite simply, because it is efficient, effective and convenient. Our Italian HQ is located in Correggio, in a wonderful countryside setting. We also have an office in Milan, one of world’s fashion capitals, to better serve our clients in the fashion and luxury industries. Moreover, we have offices in Reggio Emilia and Cagliari (Sardinia).

We are a “Great Place to Work” certified company and we nurture our talents with state-of-the-art working conditions and the unmatched quality of life that (we believe) only Italy can offer. Because of this, we attracted talents from across the globe: USA, China, Venezuela, the Middle East and many more. Working together from our Italian offices, our specialists are capable to develop and coordinate international marketing campaigns while at the same time maintain the focus on the national specificities and cultural nuances of each country.

It is also convenient: the costs of operations are significantly lower when compared to Canadian and US standards. In addition, centralization generates significant economies of scale and scope and a more efficient sharing of best practices. In this manner, we are able to provide our top-services at a price point affordable also to medium-sized companies. 

Why should I choose you instead of any other US or Canadian based agency?2020-04-14T22:50:16-07:00

There are several reasons that render us different from any other U.S. or Canadian native agency.

First of all, the company was founded in Europe. We developed our skills and competencies in an extremely complex and fractured competitive environment. Europe speaks 24 different languages, each nation has its own culture, legislative framework, and purchase habits. Despite these complexities, over the past 22 years, we have successfully helped world-renowned brands to expand the reach of their eCommerce and online communication strategies beyond national boundaries. 

These experiences have equipped us with a unique perspective and set of skills that allow us to manage complex and international marketing campaigns. Today we are capable to both assist European companies to expand their reach to the US and Canada as well as to help Canadian and US companies to approach and conquer European markets. 

Moreover, with four offices in Europe and one on the Canadian West Coast, we are able to follow our clients’ campaigns 24 hours a day.

Last but not least, thanks to 22 years of experience and a team distributed across strategic locations in Europe and Canada, we are able to offer our top quality services in the most cost-effective way possible. Especially in highly competitive and over-inflated markets such as the US.

How much do your services cost?2020-04-14T22:30:24-07:00

We price projects on an individual basis, depending on the workload and on the resources involved.

If you want to know more or you need a quote, please write to us providing all the details about your project, budget, and objectives.

In general, we charge time and materials for projects involving media planning and buying. We tend to prefer this option over a percentage of media spending. Most of the time, this is the best option for all parties involved. However, as said, we quote each project individually and we are available to discuss terms on a per case basis.

In any case, we guarantee total transparency over media, agency and tech fees. 

Are you looking for partnerships?2020-04-14T22:16:59-07:00

Our policy is to never outsource work and to do everything in-house. Therefore, if you are an agency providing SEO, PPC, content development services, link builder, and you are looking for partners, then the answer is a polite “thanks but no thanks”.

However, if you are a system integrator, a business intelligence consultant, a web development agency, a media company or a PR agency and you are looking for a partner for what concerns digital marketing, then we definitely want to hear from you.

Do you have a referral program?2020-04-14T22:15:35-07:00

Yep, we do. One of your current clients is looking for a digital marketing agency? Do you know of someone who might be interested in PPC, SEO, Programmatic Adv, Web Analytics, CRO or UX?
Drop us a line, we pay a juicy 10% commission of the value of the first contract for every lead you send our way.

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